Tantra & Tantric Massage Training

Contenut of the Formation

Tantric massage is a wonderful path to personal development. Receiving a tantric massage is an experience that transforms your life in depth, learning to give it is to plunge even deeper into the encounter with your energy of love, gentleness, kindness, sensuality.

In addition to learning how to give and receive a tantric massage in Kashmir. You will learn numerous meditations, dance exercises, playful encounters, « eyes gazing » and tantric games for groups or couples.

Who is the Training for?

For anyone who wishes to: 

  • Getting to know each other better,
  • To acquire or enrich its practices,
  • To free ourselves from our conditionings and limitations in order to fully welcome this powerful life energy that circulates within us.
  • Professionals, therapists, masseurs who wish to acquire new tools and improve the quality of their touch.
    To all those who wish to move towards a new profession.
Comment choisir et utiliser les bougies lors d'un massage tantrique ou du tantra ?

Objectives of the Training

We offer a training course, during which you will explore the fundamental principles of Tantric massage:

  • Presence to oneself and to others
  • The approach of a touch based on the non-doing
  • Breathing in consciousness
  • Being in contact with your feelings
  • Active listening
  • Healing of past traumas with the energy of love and awareness of Tantra.

To practice massage consciously, to feel the benefits of giving and receiving.


  • Duration of training: 14 days
  • During 7 weekends
  • At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of proficiency in « Tantra & Ritual Massage ».
  • Price: 2990 €