Sound baths

The sound and singing experienced during the voicing session are not only within the reach of our ears… Sound has a beneficial effect because the vibrations come to touch the body at the physical and auric levels: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal and spiritual bodies .

It is a method of deep relaxation and energetic harmonization through sounds and vibrations.

Music has been used since time immemorial to create emotions in the listener. During the sound bath, we use live music and singing that is directly in tune with your needs of the moment, be it in terms of the note, its octave or its length. This vibration is so unique and perceptible that it connects you directly to the divine and vibratory space within you to bring you connection, relaxation and alignment.

Different instruments with a high vibratory rate are used, such as:

  • The gong 
  • The shamanic drum 
  • The intuitive singing of the soul  
  • The didgeridoo 
  • The Tibetan bowl / crystal bowl 
  • The jaw harp 
  • Diphonic singing etc …

This therapy can be carried out online or in person, depending on your availability.

Trouvez un espace clair de détente et de relaxation en par le bain sonore.