Sacred Cocoa Ceremony

Find the Sacred Space within you!

Cocoa allows you to align yourself spiritually and gently with your being, singing and yoga. Also come and eliminate your toxins with the Ecstatic Dance to close the evening.

This evening brings you ecstasy. The joy of your self-esteem allows you to touch the emotions that block and limit you in your daily life, consciously or unconsciously. Your mind, which you will gradually let go, allows you to return to the sensations of your body: the present moment.

Illustration d'une shamane qui réalise une Cérémonie de Cacao Sacré

What is the Sacred Cocoa ?

During our ceremony, I propose you an exceptional Cocoa from the magic island of Bali. It is a small production with a high quality Cocoa.

The benefits of raw cocoa

We know how rich in essential nutrients cocoa is. Raw cocoa contains many more since it has not been roasted. The antioxidant content is therefore four times higher.

Raw cocoa is mainly composed of lipids (cocoa butter), proteins (it contains all the essential amino acids), fibre and starch.

It is rich in minerals: phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper and potassium, as well as numerous vitamins: E, B (1,2,3,6,9) and D.

The secret properties of raw cocoa

It also contains polyphenols (substances that protect the plant world), selenium and numerous antioxidants such as flavonoids (catechins and epicathechins). It also contains theobromine with stimulating properties on the nervous system and anandanine with positive effects on mood. 

The alkaloid substance of cocoa, theobromine, has an important lipolytic effect, thus allowing the destocking and elimination of fats. In addition, because it is low in calories, cocoa can be easily integrated into slimming diets.

Its benefits on stress and mood are an important element in a weight loss programme where the psychological factor is an essential key to success.

Cocoa has very important nutritional and qualitative benefits because it is so complete, which is why it was considered by the Aztecs and Mayans as the food of the Gods.

Here is the course of our 3:30 ceremony:

  • Welcoming the participants with a detoxifying drink
  • Yoga, shamanic drumming and singing
  • Ceremony with Mexican Cocoa Tea
  • Conscientious connection sharing exercises between participants
  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Closing panel to close the evening
This ceremony can be carried out online or in person, depending on your availability.
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