Fear and Limitations are the biggest anxieties that limit you
We invite you to move beyond that thanks to our way of the wholesome being, It’s time to Soar !

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Romain Salomon supports individuals and groups for authentic and diplomatic workshops and trainings in Therapy-Dance. He trained himself into various practices, including Body-Mind Therapy, Family Constellation, Coaching and Attraction Mentoring. Today, he has made from it solid funding principles for everyone to become an independent person in terms of physical, mind, emotional and spiritual healing.

The funding principles of his teaching are the mastery and the understanding of the flow of energy within us as well as outside of us in our everyday life, called “Law of Attraction“. His method relies particularly on the intelligence of the body. By bringing this bodily unconscious back into conscious, he helps us to discover and be who we truly are, beyond masks and different conditioning, in a perfect alignment of Soul, Body and Spirit.

Romain Salomon is an Energetic, Magnetizer, Therapist, Host of Sacred Cocoa Ceremonies, Coach and Personal Mentor in Paris.



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15 April 2018Familly ConstellationParis 13, France
19 April 2018Sacred Cocoa PartyParis 13, France
28 June 2018Sacred Cocoa PartyParis 13, France
1 August 20185 Days Full Pension – Phoenix Retreat : Reborn From Your AshesHaute Normandie (Price - de 30 years : 950 € / Price + de 30 years : 1100 €)

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