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From my discovery of holistic therapy to my own practice


My grandfather, a medical man, magnetized the patients of his village while I was on his lap. Already at that time I was impressed by the benevolence that my grandfather used in his « art » to bring comfort and well-being to all those who had recourse to him. I dreamed of the day when I, too, would be able to help… but I didn’t yet know that my childhood dream would come true!    

Since then I have been living my childhood dream, helping and inspiring those around me to realise their powerful creative energy, aligned with the source within themselves. I build and develop my « methods of self exploration ».

I am Romain Salomon, Aware Life Coach and Energeticist since 2011.

I can offer you sessions online or at my practice in Paris in the 13th arrondissement. I am keen to offer you discovery sessions at a reduced price and then packages on personal life coaching sessions that are part of the global vision of being. I accompany you with energetic treatments to which other tools can be added.

A unique and proven methodology: "The Art of Living of the Unified Being".

The development work that I propose revolves around a healing protocol and is part of a concept that I have developed, « The Art of Living of the Unified Being »: Using the Law of Attraction to find one’s centre, and build the creative life that we truly desire!

A method to regain your balance

For me, alignment with the totality of your being is defined by : Soul – Body – Mind. The objective of this healing protocol is that you can find in yourself the presence, relaxation and lightness of body and soul; the clarity and focus of the mind on your goals. For their realisation, I help you to go beyond your comfort zone in consciousness.

The tools used in my holistic therapy

To set up my healing protocol, I use a variety of tools depending on your needs, expectations and goals you wish to achieve. 

The use of these tools, in my work, is intimately linked to the law of attraction, a universal vibratory law of great power: one attracts to oneself events, circumstances, people who vibrate on the same frequency as us. My objective through this accompaniment is to make you autonomous in terms of healing and to reconnect you with your personal power and alignment. 

My career path

A willingness to reveal the full potential of others

Find out how I can help you reveal your full potential. If you have always dreamed of mastering your body, your mind, knowing who you are on the level of your soul and charging yourself with the maximum amount of positive energy, then I am here to help you.

From questioning to action

I started in the medical sector as a medical-psychological assistant. But my own existential questioning pushed me further: How does the life energy, mystified by some but floating all around us, really work? How can we use it to our advantage for healing and thus master its use?

These questions were the starting point for a long reflection, which I allowed to mature within me in my own personal work. A long but enriching process that I started with meditative and shamanic spiritual retreats.


Ongoing spiritual formation


In 2008, I followed the training in Cranio-Sacral practices (gentle energetic osteopathic technique), with Rolf Kammerer, trainer of the Cranio-Sacral system for more than 20 years.

During his years of apprenticeship I was able to develop wisdom, centering and alignment, which I continue to maintain as on the first day of my « initiatory journey ».