The Art of Living of the Unified Being

Purpose of the method

The « Art of Living of the Unified Being » aims to make you autonomous in your personal approach, especially in terms of alignment and positive vibratory energy. As a result, we can quickly see the end of the « emotional roller coaster ». We can then find stability in the mastery of thoughts as well as the concentration of the mind on your objectives, both allied to the feelings of the body. 

A support for your autonomy, your alignment

I accompany you towards your autonomy, towards your alignment. Why is the alignment of our Being so important? Through our mind, we can feel a malaise but we can also, through our mind, reconcile ourselves with our pain or our emotional past. And it is towards this « path of healing » that I wish to accompany you.

The importance of energy

When we understand how energy flows inside us, then we understand how energy flows outside, all around us in our conscious reality. This is what allows us to positively impact our lives in order to manifest what we desire.

Daily work towards spiritual alignment

The daily integration of my concept « The Art of Living of the Unified Being » and its application in your life, allows you to realise your full creative potential, which is unlimited. 

You find your centre, your alignment, which allows you to make your choices in consciousness, in an aligned way: Soul – Body – Mind.

Comment utiliser le thé chinois dans la relaxation ?


⇒Our essence, our deepest being. The soul is the part of us that really knows our real desires. The soul is eternal, it does not know the sufferings of the ego and the mind. It is the very essence of who we are, its desire is that we can realise our full potential through our free will. She is an extension of the universal source.


⇒Our physical envelope, the vehicle of the soul. It is through our body that we feel our emotions, our sorrows, our joys, our deepest desires. The body also represents the present moment, through its pleasant sensations, we connect with our cellular system. At the heart of the cell is the atom, this atomic energy in us is the most powerful on earth.


⇒Our mind is the seat of the cortex at the level of the frontal brain. It generates 60,000 thoughts every day, which have the power to create our reality permanently.  Their mastery is acquired in relaxation beyond control and external projection. The consciousness towards permanent positive thoughts, by connecting to the cellular feeling, allows us to vibrate on a higher vibratory frequency.

What is the purpose?

When these three components of our being are aligned everything becomes obvious: our soul has a desire, a realisation to accomplish in this life; our body will feel and vibrate this desire; it is then that the spirit, our mind, becomes the ally of our realisation, because our thoughts are aligned with the desire of our soul and the feeling of this body.   

A journey more than an end

The « Art of Living of the Unified Being » is an exploration, a journey that helps us to make our choices consciously and in an aligned way, thus enabling us to build the creative life we truly desire. 

The mental trap

Indeed, we can get « trapped » when we are in the energy of the mind. We want to do and be accomplished at all costs, but we do not put the right intention into it. In these moments, we are totally trapped in the mind, which prevents any connection with our soul and body. In the end, we get no results, we go towards unconscious and chronic energy exhaustion.


The 3 Phases to reach the Deep Being

When we are aligned with our Deepest Being, our true desires and life mission, we are able to realise our full unlimited creative potential through the use of the Law of Attraction.

To achieve this mastery, we go through 3 phases of meditation and relaxation:

  • Standing = Dynamic meditation
  • Sitting = Divine meditation
  • Lying down = In a relaxed state to unwind, to relax deeply. Allowing us to reconnect with the world of dreams. 

The 12-hour Accompaniment Package

Comment les instruments et les bougies sont utilisées dans l'Art de Vivre de l'Être Unifié ?

The 12h Accompaniment Package – « The Art of Living of the Unified Being » – can be done in the office or by videoconference (Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger):

  • 2 hours of Biography ;
  • 10 hours in the Art of Living of the Unified Being.

The Biography is the starting point of the package. This session allows to identify unconscious complexes, to establish limiting beliefs and misconceptions through NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Program. Following the Biography, you continue the work in the office or online with the psycho-corporal tools.

This package is divided into 6 appointments of 2 hours spread over a period of about two months, which allows us to have a real impact in a short period of time, the objective is to allow you to change your paradigm. Then a certain alignment with a stable vibratory change is possible.